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Target Plumbers have been the plumber of choice in California for more than 20 Years!

Plumbing Services

Trusted Plumbing Services Burbank for More Than 20 Years

Target Plumbers are experts when it comes to plumbing services. For over 20 years, we have provided Los Angeles with high-quality residential and commercial plumbing services. Our plumbers are certified and experienced having worked in the industry for quite some time. Their knowledge and expertise are unparalleled, so you can expect to get the best and most reliable plumbing service. Additionally, we equip them with the latest tools and equipment to provide better diagnosis and service. If you’re worried about the service fee, not to worry. Our services have always been budget-friendly and will continue to do so without compromising the quality of our services.

Representatives are there to accommodate your inquiries round-the-clock. We will never stop assisting you in doing the commercial and residential plumbing repair until next time!

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If you are looking for affordable and trusted plumbing services near you, then you can contact us. Let our licensed plumbers help you with your concern. Our customer support representatives are there to accommodate your inquiries round-the-clock. We will never stop assisting you in doing the commercial and residential plumbing repair until next time!

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Repair Services 

  • Backflow Prevention. A backflow prevention device prevents dirty water from running back into the clean water supply during an unexpected or drastic change in water pressure. 
  • Bathtub & Shower Repair/installation. Our professionals can handle tub/shower repair & installations on either tiled or pre-built bases.
  • Drain Installation. We provide customers with high-grade drain installation services for projects of all sizes, from the whole house remodels to small upgrades.
  • Emergency Services. If a plumbing emergency strikes, you can depend on us! We have been the 24-hour emergency services for plumbing repairs at any time of the day or night.
  • Faucet Repair. A dripping faucet can waste thousands of gallons per year. Leaks can also harm your drain, plumbing, and septic system.
  • Gas Line Services. We install new gas lines with our gas line service specialists who use high-quality materials and tools to ensure that we install the gas line correctly and safely.
  • New Construction Plumber. When working with you to design your custom plumbing system, we will give you expert guidance on the best, most responsible way of plumbing for your new construction project.
  • Pipe Repair/Installation. Repiping your older home will increase your comfort and convenience as well as the value of your home.
  • Renovation / Remodel of your plumbing system. Whether it is for residential or commercial applications, our technicians are well-educated in the layout and modification of plumbing systems to accommodate all your remodeling jobs.
  • Sewer & Drain Cleaning/Unstopping. Drain cleaning will help you keep your sewer lines flowing, clog-free, and clear from debris that can lower efficiency and damage the drain.
  • Sink Disposals. If you have a garbage disposal, the garbage disposal unit must be in good working order to prevent kitchen drain clogs or backups.
  • TV Sewer Line Inspections. Our state of the art cameras and equipment can give you a full-length tour of your manhole and sewer conditions which can then pinpoint any blockage or disruption in the sewer and main lines.
Water Heaters – Service & Installation. Choose from standard gas or electric water heaters, a wall-mounted instant water heater, or a system that will give you an unlimited supply of hot water.

What you need to know

The best way to handle emergency plumbing situations is to prevent them from ever happening in the first place. Scheduling a plumber to perform regular maintenance on your plumbing system is not only a surefire way to prevent plumbing disasters, but could also end up saving you money in the long run.
Water usage is a common concern on many homeowner’s minds, often raising questions such as, “Am I wasting water?” and “How can I cut down on my water consumption?” Sometimes, strange problems can reveal that something is wrong with your water usage, such as a leak causing your water bill to skyrocket.
Keila T.

I had a clogged drain and my previous plumber made it worse. After calling this company I believe I found my new go-to plumbing service. Not only they fixed my drain but they were more affordable than other companies I had called. The plumber was very friendly and cordial. Definitely using them again! Thanks, TARGET PLUMBERS! Highly recommending your plumbing services for sure!!!


Mark T.

It was an incredible and satisfying plumbing service that I experienced with the Target Plumbers. I was so elated when their plumber came and brought all the parts and tools he needed for the service. I can say that the plumber that they assigned to help me with my malfunctioned faucet is well-trained. One thing that I want in this company is, they accept payments through cash, debit, or credit cards. For me, they deserve to be highly recommended in the whole area of California. Huge thanks to all of them who helped me with my concern!


Cyna B.

The plumber arrived promptly and did quality work. He called 30minutes prior to his arrival, and I was happy about that. I highly recommended Target Plumbers! Their plumbers are professional and friendly. Thanks, guys! 


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