Gas Line Services

Are you thinking of installing a new oven, an outdoor kitchen, or a new gas furnace? Target Plumbers can install new gas lines with the efficiency and reliability provided by our gas line specialists. We use high-quality materials and tools to ensure that we install the gas line, as well as test the equipment to see if it works correctly and if it needs adjustments.

Because of the flammable nature of natural gas, it is important to keep a well-maintained gas line. If you smell sulfur, hear hissing noises, or notice that the gas line is cracked, damaged, or highly corroded, you may have a gas leak. Vacate your home and call local authorities to handle the emergency. Once the situation is handled, contact our experts to assess the situation and they will give the best course of action to your gas line service as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact Target Plumbers for more details on our gas line service.

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