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Do you need fast and high-quality plumbing services in Sherman Oaks? You have come to the right place as Target Plumbers will get the job done safely and professionally, making sure that all of your requests will be provided with outstanding solutions. Our team of plumbers can handle your plumbing issues quickly and reliably, whether you require for a large- or small-scale work. We are here for one thing only, to make sure that you get one of the best plumbing services in Sherman Oaks. Just let us do our thing and let us help you with your plumbing repairs, replacements, and maintenance needs, and we can assure you that everything is in the right hands. When it comes to repairing the plumbing system in your home, its best to get a trustworthy and reliable plumbing company that has:

  • 24/7 plumbing services.
  • Long years of experience.
  • Quick response.
  • Licensed and qualified technicians.
  • 100% Customer satisfaction guaranteed.

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Here at Target Plumbers in Sherman Oaks, we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service and same-day results. Tackling different types of plumbing repairs, installations, or for some maintenance services. With hundreds of satisfied customers in our craft, our team has continuously performed to the highest level and exceeds our customer’s demand.

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What you need to know

The best way to handle emergency plumbing situations is to prevent them from ever happening in the first place. Scheduling a plumber to perform regular maintenance on your plumbing system is not only a surefire way to prevent plumbing disasters, but could also end up saving you money in the long run.
Water usage is a common concern on many homeowner’s minds, often raising questions such as, “Am I wasting water?” and “How can I cut down on my water consumption?” Sometimes, strange problems can reveal that something is wrong with your water usage, such as a leak causing your water bill to skyrocket.

Keila T.

I had a clogged drain and my previous plumber made it worse. After calling this company I believe I found my new go-to plumbing service. Not only they fixed my drain but they were more affordable than other companies I had called. The plumber was very friendly and cordial. Definitely using them again! Thanks, TARGET PLUMBERS! Highly recommending your plumbing services for sure!!!


Mark T.

It was an incredible and satisfying plumbing service that I experienced with the Target Plumbers. I was so elated when their plumber came and brought all the parts and tools he needed for the service. I can say that the plumber that they assigned to help me with my malfunctioned faucet is well-trained. One thing that I want in this company is, they accept payments through cash, debit, or credit cards. For me, they deserve to be highly recommended in the whole area of California. Huge thanks to all of them who helped me with my concern!


Cyna B.

The plumber arrived promptly and did quality work. He called 30minutes prior to his arrival, and I was happy about that. I highly recommended Target Plumbers! Their plumbers are professional and friendly. Thanks, guys! 


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